How we Operate

The Mission:

It is the mission of SBSM to facilitate interaction among and between single seniors by sponsoring activities and events to allow for connections to occur naturally, helping seniors to grow older, healthier and with loving companionship.

For your safety and protection, SBSM will strive to make sure those attending these events are vetted to the extent possible to ensure that participants are single and sincerely seeking companionship and that they are not predators. To this end most of the activities, especially the speed-dating events are by invitation only. The exact location of an event is only given to those who have RSVP’d and paid so that to the extent possible, only those invited will know where we gather.

SBSM is steadily evolving, having become a multi-faceted organization providing a variety of programs and services to enrich the lives of Black seniors, promote socialization and facilitate personal growth and health education. Single Black Seniors Out On The Town is a subgroup of SBSM that plans outings such as concerts, plays, dining, museum trips and travel to allow us to secure discounted rates for the activities, enabling many to participate in the comfort and safety of a group. Outings are planned each month helping to establish relationships among those participating. Group transportation based on the location is often a part of the outing. Call 312-878-4268 to be added to the SBSOOTT group once you have registered with SBSM.

Events are happening throughout the month so don’t hesitate! SBSM has its schedule set for 2017 with a “Social” each month, different overall themes for each social, and “Let’s Talk” Discussion Groups held each “odd-numbered” month of the year. These are workshops on personal growth and development. A recent topic was “Re-purposing your life as a senior,” discussion included; identifying your gifts and talents, understanding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and how to create a “vision board” was demonstrated.

“Let’s Talk Health” is a workshop held each “even-numbered” month and will cover topics such as Managing your Chronic Health Conditions, Loving Your Liver, Managing Back Pain, Men’s Health and more.


Only an equal number of men and women can be invited to each speed-dating event, participants are accepted on a first applied and reviewed-first invited basis. Those beyond the magic number of each sex will flow over (be invited) to the next social activity and will also be in line for the next speed-dating event, a few weeks later.

So what is speed-dating? Speed-dating is an opportunity to have conversation with as many as 15 individuals of the opposite sex in succession for a few minutes each (5 to 7 minutes) to determine if you have common interests and want to spend more time getting to know that person. SBSM has structured its speed-dating events so that after you have talked with the total number of men/women at the event in the speed round, there is a social hour that allows you to interact with everyone at the event for a longer, more relaxed conversation if desired.

Additionally, within 10 days after the speed-dating event, all participants will be made aware of those who expressed an interest in wanting to get to know them better.

Safety is the number one priority for SBSM, so activities for the most part will be on a weekday, during daylight hours. For those on public transportation, a ride-share program is in the works to allow you the opportunity to share a ride (and the cost) home when you leave a SBSM event. Click on the registration button to get started now, your companion is waiting !

SBSM recently started its own newsletter, Single Black Seniors In The Know, a monthly publication ripe with “News Seniors Can Use,” Founder’s Corner, Birthday listings, info/photos about the activities in the past month and a preview of the coming month PLUS, whether a SBSM participant or corporate sponsor, advertising is available to make hundreds aware of what you have to offer, allowing the SBSM family to be supportive and learn about what might benefit them.

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Have further questions? Contact us at or call 312-878-4268


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