Welcome to Single Black Seniors Meet (SBSM,)

we hope you will take the time to peruse the site and decide to join our network of seniors; to meet, interact, have fun and possibly find a life-long companion.

SBSM is the most innovative Black Socialization Network in the country! We host speed-dating events, senior socials—including jazz sets, line-dancing, oldies but goodies sets and easy listening parties and another feature called “Let’s Talk,” discussion groups to discuss pertinent topics to seniors, all helping us to live, laugh and enjoy the company of the opposite sex.

Black seniors numbered over 4 million in 2014, with more than 197 thousand in Illinois. 2014 statistics reveal that 31% of Black seniors are widowed, 16% are divorced, 5% are separated and 11% were never married; that means there is a whooping 63% of all Black seniors that are single!! SBSM addresses this surprising fact by trying to allow Single Black Seniors to find each other. As a group we not only host events every month but we also go Out On The Town to concerts, plays, dinner and other activities seniors enjoy. There is no charge to register with us, doing so puts you on the email list and allows you to know planned activities. We publish a monthly newsletter (click on the button on the bottom of this page) that shows the fun we enjoy each month. We encourage you to click here to register for SBSM after you have enjoyed reading about all we do.

Single Black Seniors Meet currently serves the Chicago metropolitan area only; including southeastern Wisconsin, and northwestern Indiana.

Upcoming Events:

                 WANTED:  SINGLE BLACK SENIOR MEN!!!

The push is on! Single Black Seniors Meet (SBSM) is looking for men for our fantastic network of single black seniors. Come join in the fun of being a part of this exciting organization. SBSM knows that men are just the same as women when it comes to wanting/needing companionship and someone to talk with. Some men, just as women choose not to frequent bars or go to different activities if they have to go alone. SBSM has frequent activities to help single seniors come together in the spirit of having fun, getting to know each other and supporting each other in being seniors and not having to sit at home alone.

SBSM offers socials, where seniors can meet and greet each other, discussions to talk about interesting topics impacting senior life, workshops to learn about taking care of your health, outings to concerts, plays, and such, a monthly newsletter to memorialize the fun that is had each month, and speed-dating which is fast becoming a great way to have multiple people to interact with and hopefully find someone special to build a relationship. 

The worst that can happen is that you can meet new friends! Don’t miss out on a fun opportunity to meet men and women, feel special, and get to meet lots of seniors, looking for fun and friendship, just like you! Seniors call 312-878-4268 to get on-board to participate in Single Black Seniors Meet.

Women are also welcome to register to be included in SBSM, Please click here to register.

March Spring Fling, Thursday, March 22, 1 to 5pm, Southside

Each month the socials get better and better, don’t miss out on the fun. Click here  RSVP/payment page to pay the $20 to attend this event and get ready to have some good, clean fun! Or call Gerri at 312-878-4268 to pay by phone.

Speed-dating Event, Saturday April  21, 12:30 – 4:30pm, Bronzeville

Speed-dating is a wonderful way to meet 10 people of the opposite sex, to spend 8 minutes asking specific questions to determine whether there are things in common that would encourage you to want to know more about the person. After all the rotations, a social hour allows for dancing or conversing more to get to know each other better. Food is served. Approach speed-dating with the intent to make friends that sometimes become more.

Men are encouraged to register by clicking here and paying the $35 fee, you will be contacted with the exact address. Ladies, you must call Gerri to make sure you qualify and will be instructed as to whether you may participate in this event. Both men and women are asked to register for SBSM in general by clicking here. Once registered you are added to the email list and sent all emails to keep you abreast of all SBSM activities.

Single Black Seniors Meet is Expanding!!

Currently, SBSM operates (holds its events) on the south side, we are now forming another group on the westside/western suburbs to hold monthly activities there as well as the current group. If you are a westsider and want to assist in identifying groups organizations, CAPS districts, politicians, venues, local publications and locations for marketing materials to be placed to recruit SBSM networkers, please call Gerri at 312-878-4268 to join the committee. First westside social planned for April.

 Single Black Seniors In the Know Newsletter

Single Black Seniors In The Know is the monthly newsletter for SBSM, Click here to see the current issue of the newsletter. (you will be taken to a different website for the newsletter.)

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